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Towards Unification of Sciences

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Starting year – 2023

Frequency – Quarterly

Format – Online

Subject – Philosophy of Science

Language – English

Speciality of this journal

The concepts and basic assumptions of Vedic science, spiritual science, modern science do not exhibit harmony. Again within modern science the physics of micro domain is deviated away from macro domain physics. The domain-based science is required to be translated in the language of universal science to achieve unification of sciences. This would require changes at basic level of modern science for developing harmony among sciences. Any change of well established concepts is not considered desirable as it questions the basis of science. However if such changes are of absolute necessity to achieve unification of sciences and the change is not acceptable to scientific community then it becomes difficult to publish any breakthrough new idea, concept or theory in conventional journals. Thus the new unified science has little scope to find a base. To overcome the hurdle, the Institute of philosophy of nature has introduced a new journal to entertain articles relating to unification of sciences which may introduce major changes in modern science, The journal is meant for open thinkers allowing deviation from normal concepts in science.

Who are the readers of the journal?

Anybody exploring any aspect of nature and having faith on unification of different sciences will find the articles of the journal interesting. The new unified science with change of basic concepts follows the approach and methodology of science (modern science). Hence basic knowledge of science is needed to understand the articles of unified science. The articles are meant to identify lapses of modern science that hinders unification of sciences and propose changes in the basic concepts. The changes in basic concept help to identify the universal significance of local domain-based laws.

Publisher Information

Institute of Philosophy of Nature

Address: N6/458,IRC Village,Bhubaneswar,751015

Email: admin@philosophyofnature.org.in

Phone: 0674-3564476

Editor In Chief

Dr. Asoka Misra

Address: Prava Apartment-15, Madhusudan Nagar, Behind NICCO Park, Unit-4, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 751001

Email: asoka.misra@philosophyofnature.org.in

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