Our story

Institute of Philosophy of Nature attempts to develop harmony among vedic science, spiritual science and modern science.

About the organization

The Institute of Philosophy of Nature is the brainchild of the President of IPN who single handedly made the headway towards achieving the comprehensive unified understanding of nature. IPN will promote all such works made by any individual or the group. IPN is aimed to promote publication of articles that help unification of sciences even when the proposed new concept has contradiction with the established one. IPN has brought out its journal ‘Towards Unification of Sciences’ which will help the authors to publish their breakthrough ideas.

Our Managing Committee

The team believes in scientific values of diverse sciences and they have assembled together for a noble cause to promote a comprehensive unified understanding of nature. The venture is tough but not impossible. A sound basic knowledge of all sciences is needed to make major changes in science for a good cause.

Read our Journal 'Towards Unification of Sciences'

The journal publishes brainstorming articles on new and break through ideas, concepts and theories.