Authors Guidelines

  1. Make sure you follow the submission guidelines for that journal.
  2. Get permission to use any images.
  3. Check that your data is easy to reproduce.
  4. State clearly if you’re reusing any data that has been used elsewhere.
  5. Use our services to get help with English translation, scientific assessment and formatting.
  6. The journal Towards Unification of Sciences invites original articles under
    following categories.
    • Limitations on existing concepts and theories.
    • New observation, without explanation.
    • Link between concepts of Vedic science and Modern Science.
    • Harmony between classical physics and quantum physics.
    • Universal aspect of Domain-specific theories.
    • New improved concepts and theories for a unified understanding of nature.
  7. Abstract and conclusion are mandatory for each research paper.
  8. Graphs and figure should be neat and clean.
  9. Language should be english and font should be ‘Arial’.
  10. Font Size should be as following
    • Title-18
    • Heading- 16
    • Sub Heading- 14
    • Letter Size- 12
  • Introduce your work in a 1-page letter, explaining the research you did, and why it’s relevant.
  • We’ll make sure that your article follows the journal guidelines for formatting, ethics, plagiarism, contributors, and permissions.


  • The journal editor will read your article and decide if it’s ready for peer review.
  • Most articles will be reviewed by 2 or more experts in the field.
  • They may contact you with questions at this point.
  • If your article is accepted, you’ll need to sign a publishing agreement.
  • We’ll send you proofs to approve, then we’ll publish your article.

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