Institute of Philosophy of Nature aims at establishing comprehensive unified understanding of all aspects of nature with built in harmony among different scintific disciplines.

What we do

We promote new ideas, concepts and theories by publishing in IPN Journal and organizing wider interaction those having scope towards a unified understanding of nature.

Books and Journals

We bring to focus valuable publications (journal articles and book chapters) those attempt to unify sciences.


Publish papers identifying commonalities in centrally organized structures and features of different systems in various domains.

Concept and Theories

Explore hidden values of old rejected concepts and theories and develop new universal theories.

Unique Significance

Find universal significance of domain-based sciences.

Vedic Concepts

Scientific significance of different doctrines of Vedas.

Examining Concepts

We evaluate and acknowledge values to all such works for the cause of a unified science.

Breakthrough Ideas

We pursue promising breakthrough ideas, concepts and theories to achieve success.

Introduction of New Theories

We evaluate new self standing theories based on proposed assumptions ignoring the existing concepts where the new theory is a replacement of the existing ones.

Research Forum

We encourage research on unified science and identify brilliant ideas and concepts for IPN-award.

Objective of IPN

We have many sciences such as Vedic science, spiritual science, macro domain science, micro domain science to understand different aspects of nature. The micro domain physics stands on a different footing deviating away from macro domain physics. Modern science does not understand the concepts and approach of Vedic science and spiritual science. Modern science ignores Vedic science and considers spiritual science as beyond science. The objective of IPN is to find harmony between different domains of knowledge and explore new concepts towards  unification of sciences.

Read our Journal 'Towards Unification of Sciences'

The journal publishes brainstorming articles on new and  break through ideas, concepts and theories.