Our Journal Volume I NO III

Towards Unification of Sciences attempts to develop harmony among vedic science, spiritual science and modern science.

Editor’s note

The discovery of a new planet becomes hot news to each and every one as it adds to our knowledge of solar system. On the other hand the more valuable correlation of distances of planets from the sun having greater scope of understanding the structural pattern of solar system and making our hunt for new planets effective by focusing our search at pin pointed locations is considered an ordinary finding. The Bode’s law giving an excellent correlation of distances of planets known then was verified when Uranus was discovered and further it was productive in discovering the asteroid belt. The correlation, however, failed when the scheme did not fit for Neptune & Pluto and satellites of planets. At this point of time astronomers straight away rejected Bode’s Law. In my view, adequate failure analysis could have made justice for Bode’s Law. I am glad that Prof. Mohanty, after a lapse of two and a half century, attempted to revalidate Bode’s Law with appropriate modification suggested in his papers which now works remarkably well for all planets of the sun and all satellites of all planets. Further the modified correlation is also applicable to locations of rings of planets, and different active atmospheric shells. This new finding has a far reaching consequence in establishing the discrete orbit pattern for planets of Sun and satellites of planets. This new knowledge of orbital placement in solar system has a greater scope of modification of Bohr’s atomic model in the light of reality (in respect of the placement of the orbits of electrons) and the modified Bohr’s atomic model may explain the fine spectra of atom as well as stability of the atom. The new discrete orbit in solar system while finding similarity between solar system and atomic system has further scope of finding harmony between macro physics and micro physics. The papers of Prof. Mohanty is backed by observational evidence, thus has merit in establishing the discrete orbit in solar system. 

The article of Ravi Prakash Arya appears a great relief to present threat of Global Warming. It is necessary to account all factors influencing the global warming to get the exact picture of the phenomenon.

Prof. Barik in his article highlights the journey of the human mind and intellect in search of Truth and Reality along two different paths. One path was leading the human mind towards the ‘inner world’ searching for the ‘self’. The other path, directed towards the ‘outer world’ of objects and phenomena, is purely mechanistic, reductionistic with materialistic, with rational thoughts and empirical observations. We cannot say, any one path is true and the other is untrue. Universal truth is one irrespective of our understanding of inner world and outer world. Thus access to universal truth can only be achieved by understanding the harmony between inner world and the outer world. It is feasible when an expert of one domain masters the other domain.  


Prof. Suresh Kumar Patra