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We have a wide range of sciences to comprehend all facets of nature. Despite the fact that all sciences aim to comprehend nature, there is unfortunately no harmony among them. Again, there are multiple disciplines in modern science. Multidisciplinary research has emerged as a new trend with more success in contemporary science, even as every discipline advances through research. In order to comprehend the fundamental laws of nature, which is accessible to any discipline and in all domains, it is extremely useful to combine the fundamental ideas and assumptions of many sciences (Vedic science, spiritual science, and contemporary science). We could get access to a complete, unified knowledge of nature by using a multidisciplinary scientific method. Concerning material science, spiritual science, and how to approach different aspects of nature, Vedic science’s fundamental presumptions remain constant.

I intuitively feel that incorporating the fundamental ideas of Vedic science in the right way would give micro domain physics a universal significance and aid in advancing modern science to create a domain-free universal science that will broaden the scope of science until nothing is left outside of it. There are several restrictions on current modern science.  If a new comprehensive unified science is feasible then its acceptability would depend on how it explains all phenomena of nature beyond the limits of modern science. Therefore, it is outside the purview of contemporary science to accept or reject new fundamental ideas. Instead of focusing on how far the new comprehensive unified science departs from the core ideas of current science, we must consider how much it describes the natural world. The articles from the IPN-journal ‘Towards unified understanding of nature’ will introduce the new unified science. While reading the articles in the aforementioned publication, one must be open.

Prof. B. C. Mohanty
President IPN

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