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Volume-V shows a complete similarity of structure and features between solar system and atomic system. The author has shown the exclusive features of solar system are present in atomic system and the exclusive features of atomic system are also present in solar system. The author accepts the concept of planetary atomic model of Rutherford and has removed all defects of the model and made it fully functional and capable of explaining all phenomena of atom. The cause-to-effect analogy and analysis from commonsense remain valid in the new atomic model. This new model shows structural similarity of centrally organized systems in macro domain and micro domain. Therefore uniformity of structure exists in different domains of nature which imply unchanging norms of nature for different domains.


The solar system, all planet systems and galactic systems are centrally organized systems of our physical universe. We notice many similarities among these systems. A galactic system is one domain up the solar system and planetary system. The atomic structure was first conceptualized through planetary model. This model though rational for a uniform pattern of centrally organized structure but faced problems for stability of structure and failed to justify the spectra of atom. The planetary atomic model was then rejected. Subsequently atom was modeled by making quantum assumptions which gave justification to spectra of atom. Further the atomic structure was improved by wave mechanics to explain the spectra of fine structure. The defect of these models is that they do not entertain cause to effect analogy which forms the basis of macro domain science and spiritual science. That apart the model stands on mathematical concepts surpassing ordinary common sense.
All existences in different domains of nature are components of the same universe and the universe remains in stable dynamic equilibrium. Therefore universal interaction exists among different components of the universe. For a universal interaction (basic mass-space interaction) within the universe, the structural similarity of systems in different domains is a must. Hence similarity of structure of solar system and atomic system exists as reality but this reality has not been realized yet due to improper comparison between the systems. This author has found all features present in solar system are present in atomic system and the discrete orbit pattern present in atomic system is also present in solar system. Thus there is no difference between the features of solar system and atomic system. The author has shown a complete similarity between solar system and atomic system.
This author has made a thorough study on the structure of solar system beyond the existence of sun and planets and incorporated all these features in a new atomic model. The new atomic model has a nucleus, extra-nuclear space-density structure with space-matter-particles and orbital bodies thereby having features similar to that of solar system. The space matter particles within the space structure, form different shell features having different energy levels of shells and sub-shells. The new atomic model has complete similarity with solar system having stability and justification to spectra.
B.C. Mohanty

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