Our Journal Volume I NO II

Towards Unification of Sciences attempts to develop harmony among vedic science, spiritual science and modern science.

Editor’s Note

At present developing harmony among different sciences standing on different footings appear extremely difficult, because different sciences make different basic assumptions which hinder in discovering harmony. Nothing is impossible. A new science may become feasible by unifying the basic assumptions and incorporating the doctrines of different sciences. The new science may have scope to develop a comprehensive unified understanding. One should be open to look for a new universal understanding of nature if the approach is scientific. Any new concept or theory is essentially a deviation from existing concept. Thus, a new concept may confront with the existing concept. If the proposed new concept and theory explain our existing understanding and something more, then the new concept is closure to reality of nature.      

Prof. B. C. Mohanty in previous issue (Volume-1, Issue-1) has made suggestions on the basic constituents of universe and basic interactions of basic constituents. Following his new concept he has proposed that ‘mass’ and ‘space’ are the only two basic formless physical constituents of the universe and there exists three basic interactions, which is the cause of fundamental forces of nature. Using this concept he has proposed a universal model of mass-space structure of matters of different domain. He has brought a major change in the concept of time. According to him time is not an entity that flows uniformly or having dilation, but it is a physical dynamic property of a system leading to an event.

In the present concept, the existence of charge is conceptualized by Prof. Mohanty only in micro domain particles (Electrons, Protons) and the charge is classified as electric charge. However, the existence of some non-electric forms of charges is not discovered in macro celestial bodies and micro-micro light particles. He has already identified the fusibility of existence of mass in light particle in previous issue of this journal thereby has made the mass component universal with its existence in all domains. As of today the cause of appearance of charge in proton and electron is not explored, ultimately the electric charge stands in micro particle stands by quantum assumption. Prof. Mohanty has proposed that electric charge appears in matter due to non-equilibrium association of mass and space in matter where equilibrium association of mass and space leads to neutral state of matter. He has further extended this concept for all forms of non-electric charges such as celestial charge in celestial bodies and photonic charge in light particles. This new concept has scope to universalize the charge property of matter. In this new concept any one variety of charge has a definite charge potential and charge content in the less known absolute scale but the charge potential and charge that we understand refers to the relative charge value where the charge potential and charge becomes positive and negative on the relative scale. Mass and space of matter in non-equilibrium state being the cause of electric and non-electric charges; Prof. Mohanty has gone ahead in explaining the transformation of one verity of charge to another verity of charge. This aspect of charge transformation has been successfully used by him to explain finer aspect of dynamics of solar system, which he described in his original book series “Dynamics of Universe – Inter play of matter, space and charge”. This new universal concept of charge has scope of developing a universal theory of matter and space reducible to solar system, planet system, galactic system, atomic system and system in finer domain. The articles are lucid and stand on highly logical footing and as a great scope for unifying sciences. It appears as if Professor Mohanty is determined to make an impact by his new comprehensive perception of different sciences.

The article “Understanding science as a system of knowledge with its natural boundaries” by Prof. Niranjan Barik is thought provoking. The article admits that science plays a significant role in our progress and it has ability to explain a wide range of phenomena in natural world. But public pronouncement through popular science literature trying to convince people to embrace a materialistic Godless universe is not sound enough. Because the science and its world view are not the same as it were upto nineteenth century. There has been a paradigm shift to replace the materialistic world view in the aftermath of the twentieth century revolution brought about by the theory of relativity and quantum physics. This new science with its demarcated natural boundaries imparted by relativity, indeterminism and incompleteness in the logico-mathematical frame work has clearly exposed the irrelevance of any kind of dogmatism pertaining to science those questions our traditional values and cultural practices blaming everything as superstition.

The article “Signature of science in Lotus leaf” admits that nature has given birth to science that helps the man understand natural phenomena. The article explains the amazing self-cleaning property of Lotus leaf that promotes scientific community to think of self-cleaning coatings on smart cloth, automobiles, optical devices, window glasses, solar panels and many more. The theme of the discussion encourages the new theories that are formulated and coming into picture to explain both the touched and untouched problems, although there is every chance to modify theory and even reject if it fails to explain the nature consistently and logically.


Dr. Kamala Kanta Jena