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DR. Binod Bihari Palei

About Our Editorial Board Member

Associate Professor in AcSIR Email: bbpalei@immt.res.in
Principal Technical Officer (Senior) Phone: +91-9437568887
CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology
Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751013
M.S. & PhD:
Synthesis and characterization of graphene and graphene reinforced aluminium metal matrix
nanocomposites to enhance microhardness and electrical properties
Number of students guided:

◼B. Tech project students: 52
◼ M.Pharm project students: 6
◼ M. Tech project students: 3
◼ Former customer support manager, PANalytical (Philips Analytical, Netherlands)
◼ Former Senior Service Specialist, Varian, Australia; Countries in-charge: India and Bangladesh
◼ Technical Advisor – Chilika Development Authority, State Govt. of Odisha Undertaking
◼ Co-Ordinator of M. Tech programme of CSIR-IMMT and IIT, Bhubaneswar
◼ Scientific Advisor to DAV group of schools, Bhubaneswar


◼ Technology development award for physical science including engineering in CSIR, New Delhi
◼ International Best Researcher Awards


◼ Number of publications: 19
◼ Number of projects assigned (Completed & Ongoing): 40


[1] Tapan Dash et al. “Graphene reinforced silicon composites and their characterizations”. In:
Materials Today: Proceedings 62(10) (2022). DOI:10.1016/j.matpr.2022.04.721
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[5] Tapan Dash et al. “Graphene–Alumina Composite: The Advanced Coating Material for
Developing Harder Surface of Steel Strip Substrate”. In book: Advances in Materials Processing and
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[13] Binod Bihari Palei et al. “Preparation of graphene reinforced aluminium composites: investigation
of microstructural, electrical conductivity and microhardness behaviour”. In: International Journal of
Materials and Product Technology 62(1/2/3):49 (2021). DOI:10.1504/IJMPT.2021.10037955
[14] Tapan Dash et al. “Preparation of iron oxide-graphene oxide composites and their

characterizations”. In: Materials Today: Proceedings 44(023501) (2020).

[15] Tapan Dash et al. “Synthesis of α-Al2O3–graphene composite: a novel product to provide multi-
functionalities on steel strip surface”. In: SN Applied Sciences 2(7) (2020). DOI:10.1007/s42452-020-

[16] Binod Bihari Palei et al. “Reduced graphene oxide synthesis by dry planetary ball milling technique
under hydrogen atmosphere”. In: IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering
872:012158 (2020). DOI:10.1088/1757-899X/872/1/012158
[17] Binod Bihari Palei et al. “A Novel Alumina-Magnesium oxide- Reduced Graphene Composite:
Synthesis and Characterizations”. In: May (2020). DOI:10.15864/ijiip.1305
[18] S. Dhar et al. “Silicon-graphene composite synthesis: Microstructural, spectroscopic and electrical
conductivity characterizations”. In: Materials Today: Proceedings 33 (2020).
[19] Binod Bihari Palei et al. “Successful Synthesis of Graphene Aluminum Composite with Improved
Microhardness”. In: International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology 9(3) (2020), p.
2218-2221. DOI:10.35940/ijeat.C5110.029320

LIST OF PROJECTS (Completed & Ongoing)
[1] FTT / FTC / FBR/NCP/In-House Project: MLP-86 Technology development for holistic utilization of
red mud for extraction of metallic values & residue utilization.
[2] Sponsored: SSP-434 Beneficiation study and process flowsheet development of low-grade iron
ore and basic process engineering data for the process.
[3] Sponsored: SSP-439 Pellet making using different grades of Tata Steel Iron Ores for gas based DRI.
[4] Sponsored: SSP-442 Development of an innovative and viable process for recovery of iron values
from red mud.
[5] Sponsored: SSP-447 Beneficiation and Characterization studies of Sagasahi iron ore fines of Arcelor
Mittal Nippon Steel (AM/NS) India Ltd.
[6] Mission Mode / Supra Institutional /Inter Lab: HCP-0101 Jigyasa 2.0 Programme with the concept
of Virtual Lab integration (CJVL) – First Tranche.
[7] Sponsored: SSP-394 Washing and Desliming of Iron Ore Fines of Nuagaon and Narayanposhi Mines.
[8] Sponsored: SSP-406 Beneficiation study for recovery of manganese value from mixed manganese
metal waste generated at FAP Joda.
[9] Sponsored: SSP-409 Laboratory Scale Beneficiation on studies for different grade Iron Ores.
[10] Sponsored: SSP-415 Pelletization study of iron ore fines.

[11] Major Lab Project: MLP-1008 – Mineral Processing Department.
[12] FTT / FTC / FBR/NCP/In-House Project: MLP-79 Development of Process for Reduction Roasting of
Low and Lean Grade Iron Ores Using Fluidized Bed Roaster (in Pilot Scale) to Maximize the Recovery
of Iron Values.
[13] FTT / FTC / FBR/NCP/In-House Project: MLP-76 Pilot Scale Study of Reduction of Phosphorous
Content in High Phosphorus Iron Ore.
[14] Sponsored: SSP-384 Beneficiation studies of low-grade Iron Ore from Gorumahisani Iron Ore
[15] Sponsored: SSP-389 Feasibility Study to prepare DRI/BF grade pellet from high grade iron ore
[16] FTT / FTC / FBR/NCP/In-House Project: MLP-0023 (FTT project) Maximize the recovery of iron
values from lean grade iron ore by reduction roasting and pelletization of high LOI and high Blaine
number iron ore fines.
[17] TT / FTC / FBR/NCP/In-House Project: MLP0024 Process development for production of flaky
graphite, high purity graphite and graphene from natural graphite.
[18] FTT / FTC / FBR/NCP/In-House Project: MLP-24 (PROJECT COMPLETED) Process Development for
Production of Flaky Graphite, High Purity Graphite and Graphene from Natural Graphite.
[19] Sponsored: SSP-309 Coal Quality Analysis of Dipside Manoharpur Coal Block, Odisha.
[20] Grant-in-Aid: (CLOSED) GAP-293 Reduction roasting and microwave heating of some difficult to
treat iron ores for the production of pellet feed concentrate.
[21] Grant-in-Aid: (CLOSED) GAP-272 Development of Ni containing steel from chromite overburden.
[22] Sponsored: SSP-298 Development of pilot scale facility for production of graphene from natural
[23] Sponsored: SSP-297 Recovery of iron and alumina values from lean grade ores and red mud
[24] Sponsored: SSP-296 Pelletisation and sintering study on high sulphur magnetite iron ore
[25] Sponsored: SSP-301 Development of process flowsheet for beneficiation of low-grade iron ore.
[26] Grant-in-Aid: GAP-283 Fabrication, installation and commissioning of column flotation test rig for
beneficiation of coal fines.
[27] FTT / FTC / FBR/NCP/In-House Project: MLP-021 Pilot Plant Studies of Different Low-Grade Ores
for Development of Process Flowsheets.
[28] Grant-in-Aid: GAP-269 Process development for the recovery and extraction of Nb and Ta from
carbonatites of Sevattur deposit, Tamil Nadu.

[29] Grant-in-Aid: (CLOSED) GAP-267 Energy efficient advanced communition process to treat low
grade Indian ores for energy conservation.
[30] Inter Lab Project: ESC0112 – Robotics and Micro Machines->Laser and plasma-based development
of wide band gap materials for MEMS based sensor applications RP-2/WP-1/T1.10.
[31] Sponsored: SSP-266 Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of manganese ore from
different captive mines of TATA Steel lease.
[32] Grant-in-Aid: GAP-231 Reduction of LOI from high geothite content (under the programme
Development of pilot scale pelletisation technology for Indian geothitic/hematite ore with varying
degree of fineness of SAIL.
[33] Technical Service: TSP-001 Characterization studies of metallurgical and environmental materials.
[34] Mission Mode / Supra Institutional /Inter Lab: ESC0205 – Minerals to Metals for sustainable planet
[35] Mission Mode / Supra Institutional /Inter Lab: ESC0206 – Processing of natural gemstones for
aesthetic improvement and value addition.
[36] Grant-in-Aid: GAP-220 Development of technology to produce clean coal from high ash and high
sulphur Indian coal.
[37] Grant-in-Aid: GAP-213 Alternative complimentary route of direct steel making with reference to
Indian raw-materials.
[38] Grant-in-Aid: GAP-219 Development of online processing system for finding size distribution of
pellets in a pelletization plant.
[39] Grant-in-Aid: GAP-195 Development of landslide Monitoring System for North Eastern Regions of
India Using Wireless Sensor Network.
[40] Sponsored: SSP-307 ROM characterization for 6 MTPA mechanized production and evacuation for
Kurmitar Iron Ore Mines, Sundargarh, Odisha.

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