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Prof. Karuna Kar Nanda

About Our Adviser

Prof. Karuna Kar Nanda assumed the post of Director, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar from 16.06.2021.  He obtained his Ph.D. from Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar only. He held Guest Scientist position at the Gerhard-Mercator University, Duisburg, Germany and Post-Doctoral position at The Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.  He has been a faculty member of Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore since 2005.  He became the Chairman of   Materials Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore in 2018.  He is known for his research in the fields of  Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science and Nanoscience.  He has mentored around 27 Ph.D. students, several Post-doctoral Fellows and published around 300 journal papers in the reputed International Journals and having a h-index 48 and Citations of more than 9500.

Prof. Nanda has developed a liquid-drop model for the size-dependent melting of nanostructured materials that has been highly cited (~ 693 times).  This work has been cited in WIKIPEDIA and is also being taught to BS students of University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany as a part of their course.  His work on “Electrical properties of 1N4007 silicon diode” that deals with the methodology for the evaluation of band gap of semiconductor can be adopted for practical courses.    He has also developed an effective mass model to understand the size and dimensionality dependent band gap of nanostructured materials that has also been well appreciated.

Prof. Nanda was honored with many awards, viz. Samanta Chandrasekhar Award; Materials Research Society of India Lecture Medal and JSPS Fellowship etc.  He has been selected as one of the World’s Top 2% Scientists, the survey released by Stanford University.

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