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Towards Unification of Sciences attempts to develop harmony among vedic science, spiritual science and modern science.

From the President

We have many sciences (Vedic science, Spiritual science and Modern science) to understand different aspects of nature. Modern science dealing with matter has further bifurcated into micro-domain science and macro-domain science. Why should there be many sciences for understanding the same Nature? One vital question may be asked here, whether nature behaves differently for materials events, spiritual events, macro events, micro events etc. or it is only our limited understanding of nature? Vedic science deals with both materials science and spiritual science by assuming 1) consistency of nature, 2) uniformity of nature and 3) cause to event analogy. On the other hand modern science has violated the consistency of nature by introducing wave-particle duality of light & electrons which has damaged the uniformity of nature by modeling the atomic structure deviating from the structure of solar system. Modern science has domain-based understanding of nature and fails to retain the cause-to-effect analogy in the study of micro domain. Modern science ignores Vedic science while considering spiritual science as beyond science and thus the spectrum of science in exploring nature is narrowed down. Prof. B.C. Mohanty spent more than half a century to develop harmony among Vedic science, spiritual science, macro domain physics and micro domain physics thereby developing a unified science to understand all aspects of nature. According to Prof. Mohanty domain-based concepts of basic entities limits our access to study all aspects of nature. It is not possible to develop the comprehensive understanding of nature with the prevailing basic concepts of modern science.

Besides Prof. Mohanty, there may be many scholars who might have thought provoking ideas and concepts promoting unification of different sciences. One of the objectives of this institute is to promote the Journal ‘Towards Unification of Sciences’ to bring to focus all such thoughts to help achieve unification through critical evaluation. Portions of books and articles from less known old Journals describing original work also find place in this journal with due permission from copyright holders if the same has scope for unification of sciences directly or indirectly.  The Institute will hold regular talks, workshops and seminars in different areas of science for comprehensive understanding of nature. Achieving the unification though difficult but not impossible.

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